Why Icon

A bank that specialises in corporate banking doesn't have digital assets. The financial institution dedicated to digital assets can't provide trade finance. The trade finance company can't offer corporate treasury tools, and so on.

The current banking services provide a very disjointed experience. The client must be onboarded in several financial institutions to have the tools it needs to operate daily.

Our Aim

What we are aiming to build is a network of banking licenses that have all the above facilities along with local payment capabilities. When a client comes to us, we will craft and tailor a solution for them, pulling the capabilities across the entire network by leveraging the expanding network and experiences within the group.

Our Technology

Underpinning the licenses will be the best banking technology available with embedded AI to forecast future behaviour and ensure that we can anticipate the next customer needs and fulfil them.

This promotes efficiency and speed of execution and fosters a much higher quality of service that our customers highly value.